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Welcome to the English page of Nils Kalf Schoenmaker

My shop at Eerste Tuindwarsstraat 2A in the Jordaan is closed since 20 February 2021. Due to the corona crisis, I have decided not to renew my lease and move to Brabant. I will continue working as a shoemaker. If you would like me to keep repairing your shoes, as of 1 March you can send them to the following temporary address: Nils Kalf Schoenmaker, Margrietstraat 120, 5731 BX Mierlo. My new telephone number is 0492-665119.

Owner and master shoemaker Nils Kalf is a true professional with a great passion for shoes and design. With over 30 years of experience in the trade, he is rightfully called a master. We can help you with all your shoe repairs, shoe care products and handmade shoes. Nils specializes in the repair of luxury men’s shoes, but even women’s shoes (even Christian Louboutin) are in very good hands with him. A repair by Nils is golden. And would you like steeltips (also called embouts) placed under your shoes? Nils’ fans call him “The King of steel tips”.

Specialized in repairs with the Goodyear Welt

Nils Kalf Shoemaker specializes in repair according to the Goodyear way. This production method is used in the vast majority of the production of men’s shoes and provides beautiful shoes which are also very durable. In the welted construction the entire sole is replaced with a long sole, instead of half a sole. After a welted repair your shoes look like new. When the sole wears through the stitch will not let go, because it is also glued. The Goodyear production method is considered the best construction in terms of walking comfort and durability. See our price list for prices of shoe repairs.

Handmade shoes

Nils Kalf also makes handcrafted shoes. You can order handmade quality shoes and choose from different models, colors and leathers. After we determine your size in our shop, you can choose from one of the models. The next step is to select the leather of your choice. We have a wide colour scheme with an almost infinite amount to choose from. And in different types of leather. After picking the leather of your choice it takes about six weeks for us to craft your handmade shoes. You can pick them up in person or we can send them to you. Find the price for handmade shoes here. At an additional cost, it is always possible to orde a pair of custom made shoes. At the end you are the owner of the shoes of your dreams and a perfectly seemed for your feet. Send shoes by mail Would you like shoes repaired by Nils Kalf but can’t come in our store? You can also send your shoes to us by mail or courier service. The only thing you have to do is send your shoes by mail and include a note with your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. When we receive your shoes we will contact you to assess what repairs are needed. After that we will e-mail you a quote of the proposed repairs. After receiving your payment we will start with the repairs and when we are done we will send your repaired shoes back by mail.